What up beautiful people? Today I bring a review of, an online retailer based of China, offering affordable trendy pieces. They gave me a gift card to purchase anything I'd like from their website so I could share my experience with you guys. Read below learn my thoughts and check back in the next coming days as I share with you guys how I styled each piece. 

Browsing Selection

I took forever and a day to pick out my pieces simply because Zaful's selection is so HUGE. I had heard mix reviews concerning the quality of the clothing for similar Asian retailers so I picked my items carefully, paying extra attention to sizing and materials. I ended up ordering 3 pieces: a jacket, a kimono, and a dress. 

Ordering And Shipping

My personal experience with the whole process was nothing but positive. I contacted customer service via email when I experienced issues applying my gift card at checkout. They responded promptly and quickly resolved the issue. 

Once your order your order is shipped, Zaful provides you with the carrier and a tracking number. I was pleasantly surprised with how fast my items arrived given that they came all the way from China.  My order arrived via DHL approximately a week after I placed my order. Below are pictures of the packaging.  Not one for unnecessary waste, I appreciated the minimal but adequate packaging.

The Items

Floral Jacket (available here

When I first logged into Zaful, my intention was to pick trendy summer pieces BUT I couldn't help but browse the jacket section (colder weather fashion is my fav!)  and I fell in love with this piece. As I noted earlier, you have to be mindful with sizing when it comes to ordering from Asian retailers as they're sizing runs on the smaller size. I ordered a large and the jacket just barelyyy fits me. (For reference I'm 5'8 and about 136 lbs.) The jacket came with some loose threads that I had to snip off, nothing major. I am content with the quality of the piece. It's cute and looks just like the photo on the website. 

Check out this post to see how I styled this jacket.

Kimono (available here

I had been wanting to pick up a kimono for awhile now so I was super stoked to see there were several to pick from at Zaful. I am very happy with the one I selected. The quality is quite good. The piece is a one-size-fits all. It fits me well and I can see it fitting a variety of sizes. Out of the 3 pieces I ordered, this one is probably my favorite. I wanted something I could throw on over my lounge wear and feel glamorous in when I'm just lazing around at home and I am happy to report this does the trick. 

Maxi Dress (available here)

This dress arrived SUPER wrinkle and I spent close to 45 min ironing the whole thing (PRO TIP: When I ironing a piece of thin cotton lay a terry cloth, like a kitchen town, on top of the piece and then iron over that so that you don't damage the piece.). This is understandable though, given the distance it had to travel to make to my house. For this piece I ordered a large and it only just fit. Like the jacket, were I any bigger it wouldn't have fit. The buttons give off the impression that they could pop at any second. 1) Because the dress fits me rather snug and 2) Because the buttons (made from cheap plastic) aren't really secured that firmly to the dress. While the dress is quite lovely, unfortunately the material does leave something to be desired. The dress tore at the slit after the first time I wore it. 



The dress is sold for $30 but given the quality of the piece, I do think that's a bit more than it is worth. None the less, it is a cute dress and tear isn't that noticeable until you wear it so hopefully I can get some wear out of it before it completely denigrates. haha 

Over All Impressions is great choice for those looking to shop trendy piece rather than pieces that will become closet staples for years. These pieces aren't meant to be long lasting. As with online shopping in general, it is important to play close attention to the sizing chart as sizing vary greatly by brand. Given that this is an Asian retailer the sizing does run a bit small. At 5'8, I do see some of these pieces being too small for anyone larger than me.  I can attest to the fact that all the pieces I selected stayed true to the photos provided on the website. For future shopping from Zaful, I would feel confident that the piece I would ultimately receive would look like listing photos. Given that, I would advice shoppers to pay attention to the listing photos. When I selected the maxi dress, I could tell from the photos on the Zaful website that the dress was made from a thin cotton material which did worry me. I went back and forth on whether to order it or not but in the end I decided to risk it because I loved the style so much. So what I am is saying is if the perceived quality of material from a photo gives you pause, then it is probably for a reason. The other 2 pieces I selected, the jacket an kimono, I could tell were sturdier when I ordered them and this turned out to be true. 

Overall my experience with Zaful was positive. I would definitely recommend you take a look at it for trendy in season pieces at affordable prices. Just be cautious with sizing, if like me, you are on the taller side! At around $30 each, the pieces I selected where at the pricer end of their offerings, but they have plenty of pieces for around $10. 

Have you shopped at Zaful before? What was your experience like? Let me know in the comments! Tchau Tchau! xx