Photography:  Viktor Villanueva

Photography: Viktor Villanueva

New website! First post! Yeaaaa! Starting this website is something I have been wanting to do for along time and here we are! It is definitely a work in progress but I was anxious to just have something out there so here we are! The idea is to have two blogs on the site.  A visual fashion blog and this one right here were I will post my thoughts and ramblings. So what kind of posts can you expect? A little of everything. I write almost everyday and the aim is to have this be a place where I can post anything from long form editorial pieces and essay to a 3 line poem I scribble on a napkin while waiting for my order at the local coffee shop. Expect to see content about the stuff I'm passionate about (so yeah probably a lot combat sports and soccer) and of course lifestyle stuff in the mix primarily focused on my continuing journey to living my most authentic life.  It will be fun! So stay tuned! I promise I'm a good writer. ;P